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Note: All CD recordings are instrumental only. The "Additional Audio" tab has a couple of vocal samples and a tune not recorded on our CDs. A couple of videos also have singing.

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This page contains six videos featuring Greenwood Tree in live performances. They include instrumentals and vocals, fast tunes and slow tunes, Celtic and holiday music.


Twenty-one seconds of "The Belfast Hornpipe" from the St. Paul Farmers Market.


Part of the "Shepherd's Wife" waltz from the Loring Park Art Festival in Minneapolis. Video by Karen Smudski


"Molly Malone" at The Coffee Grounds in Falcon Heights, MN. This video has singing. Video by YouTube user tyrocketable.


"Greensleeves" aka "What Child is This" featuring the bowed psaltery at the Sherburne History Center in Becker, MN. Video by YouTube user LibraryCreeper.


The Limberjack in action at the Hudson (WI) Bagel and Coffee Company. Video by Becca Perez.


"Jingle Bells" followed at 3:00 by a short discourse on Minnesota winters (and a bad joke), and finally at 4:50 a medley of the Irish reels "Dunmore Lasses" and "Mother's Delight" at the Sherburne History Center in Becker, MN. This video has singing. Video by YouTube user LibraryCreeper.


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Here are parts of a few things not on Greenwood Tree CDs

Blue Moon (guitar, hammered dulcimer, vocals)

Hard Times (guitar and bowed psaltery, vocals)

Bouchard's Hornpipe (guitar and hammered dulcimer)

Links to Downloadable High Resolution Photos

Large color 300dpi photo

Large black and white 300dpi photo

Performance Photos

Tuning at the wedding

Getting tuned at Vanessa and Pat's wedding at the Bakken Museum 2014

Fish Lake Lutheran Church

Fish Lake Lutheran Church 2014

Tapestry Folkdance Center

Tapestry Folkdance Center with Gretta Hunstiger 2013

Dulcimer Day in Duluth

Dulcimer Day in Duluth with (from right to left) Peggy Carter, Karen Mueller, and Peggy's daughter 2013

Bill at MBOTMA

MBOTMA Harvest Jam 2013


MBOTMA Harvest Jam 2013

Loring Park

Loring Park Art Festival 2012

Pine Tree Apple Orchard

Pine Tree Apple Orchard 2009

Paddy Ryan's

Paddy Ryan's Pub 2009

Parker's Lake Park

Parker's Lake Park 2009

Community Center

50th Anniversary Celebration 2007

Sherburne County History Center

Sherburne History Center 2006

Rhein River Art Gallery

Rhein River Art Gallery 2006

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Minneapolis Institute of Arts 2002

Brookings Art Fair

Brookings Arts Festival 2000

Borders Books

Borders Books 2000

Greenwood Tree

Greenwood Tree 2000

Greenwood Tree

Greenwood Tree late 1980s